Efficient Roll Casting —
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Mainstrip Return on Invest Calculation

Visualisation of costs

When a new technology is emerging, it has to compete with existing technologies, where the parts- and material costs over years have been reduced and where therefore exact figures are available.

New technologies are sometimes based on materials, and parts, that are not produced in big volumes and have limited operational life experience. Therefore, comparing Twin Roll Casting (TRC) with conventional- and thin slab casting, poses significant challenges.

Based on present knowledge of the operating conditions of TRC , it can be argued, that TRC compares favorably with  conventional, or thin slab casting technologies.

MAIN has developed a model and a program, capable of evaluating the return of investment of a Mainstrip TRC operation, based on assumed operating parameters.

Twin Roll Casting, Visualisation of Costs


Plant configuration

Plant ConfigurationTo simulate the plant, the respective variables have to be inserted into the program.



Report ROI

Twin Roll Casting, Return on InvestementWith the specific costfigures of customers for energy-, gas, fluid, refractory and labor and spot prices of scrap, alloy material and respective coils, the ROI, return on investment, is calculated and shown.