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Mainstrip Twin Roll Casting

Process Comparison Strip Production

To produce steel strip several technologies are known:

Twin Roll Casting

The comparison illustrates the compact Mainstrip twin roll casting technology with substantial lower investment costs.

Hot Strip Mill / Twin Roll Caster

Comparison of process length and installed power of thin slab caster versus Mainstrip.



Mainstrip twin roll casting is casting liquid steel between two counter rotating water cooled copper roll sleeves, crystallising a shell, which solidifies to a strip at the exit. The product then is lead through one- or two 4-high-rollingmill stand(s). The rolled strip thereafter is cooled on the exit side, where at the end it is coiled and rolled.

Mainstrip concept of a twin roll casting production plant

Mainstrip concept of a twin roll casting production plant.

It can contain an induction heating- or cooling device before the first rolling mill stand, depending on steel quality to be cast and the machine configuration.

Product Range

The strip is cast in thickness of 1,5—4 mm for a width range of 800—1700 mm.

Wider widths of up to 3000mm are a possibility in the future

The strip is rolled inline with one or two 4-high rolling mill stands* to 0,8—3.5 mm with directly usable strip. Thicknesses down to 0,5 mm with bechome possible.

The process allows to produce steel strip in carbon range, alloyed qualities and in special high alloy steel grades.