Efficient Roll Casting —
Low Cost, Low Energy, Low CO2

Mainstrip Proposition


Main + H. Marti have financed the development of Mainstrip and the respective patents  by own resources, by licencing and selling own developed technologies and by the support of KTI / CTI-projects (Commission for Technology and Innovation CTI) of the Swiss government.

Twin Roll Casting is the new  technology to come. Energy- and ecological advantages are substantial and therefore this technology will emerge. The Mainstrip concept has set out to combine past experience and development with new inventive solutions to bring this process forward. Because of the size of the project, important partners are needed to bring forward the breakthrough of this technology.

The founder of Main, H. Marti, is interested to find the best cooperation, to secure this outstanding and very valuable technology for the time after his retreat.

Thus the financing of such an important volume must come from important sources like

  • Investors, which see the potential and will benefit as the technology will emerge. They are to finance particular projects in part or in full.
  • Steel mills or Steel mill conglomerates, which want to enter into the strip market or cover surplus steel production or serve local markets.
  • Machine builders and institutes, which see the potential of this technology and the need of renual of existing processes and equipment.

In each case a cooperaton or support of Main, with the respective specialist can be secured.

Status of Project

Main has developed this technology with the best engineers and specialists in this field, working with universities and institutes, machine builders, supported also by the Swiss governement.

We can count on all these partners also in the future.

Main AG is ready to talk and enter into realistic discussion with important investors, steel mills and steel mill conglomerates and machine builders.

A phase concept alows splitting of the project in visible steps.

A combination of a financing-, steelmaking- and machine builder’s company is a further possibility, because of the size.


Main is to continue developing the technology and assist investors, steel mills and machine builders with its specialists, to ensure the success of the technology.