The Power of Innovation —
Creating Value for the Industry



An overview on some products and activities of Main are named below: 

  •  slag treatment and reuse as building- and refill material
  •  scrap and preparation
  •  recuperation of heat
  •  direct casting and rolling of steel strip Mainstrip
  •  direct casting and rolling of billets Mainlong
  •  pyrolysis of biomass for Crucible Carbon
  •  recuperation of energy with Mainpower
  •  direct conversion of heat in to electricity by TEG-modules
  •  consultation, expertise, due diligence, networking over all continents


Mainstrip is a new steel strip casting technology for strip production of 0.5—4mm and a width of up to 1700mm, based on the twin roll process.


  • for ministeel  mills, interested to produce 0,5—1 Mio t/year of steel strip
  • for  Integrated mills for surplus steel and special strip grades

With particular advantages on

  • compactness of installation and small space requirements
  • low investment costs
  • compact operating team
  • reduced maintenance- and spare parts costs
  • substantial lower power requirement, down to 10%
  • substantial lower CO2 exposure, below 10%

To produce best quality of

  • carbon grades
  • alloyed grades
  • stainless steel grades 
  • new twip- and trip qualities

Local Markets

  • operating close to local markets and to diversify to the strip side, avoiding long and expensive transportation of scrap and coils to serve customers within hours to their particular needs and request.

Available to be purchased

Mainstrip is available to be taken over by investors, steel mills or groups, already active in this field. It is for works with the intention to become active on twin roll casting, or machine builders or institutes, interested to play an important role, in this coming market.

In each case a cooperation or support of Main, with the respective specialist can be secured.

The best cooperation

The founder of Main, H. Marti, is interested to find the best cooperation, to secure this outstanding and very valuable technology for the time after his retreat.


  • granted active patents
  • available watermodel and submerged nozzles
  • results of KTI 1 / CTI 1 + KTI 2 / CTI 2, partially fonded by the  Swiss governement: Investigation and calculation, water modeling and hot testing by Lucerne University of Applied Science and Tata RD+T Technology Center,  Teesside GB and Main
  •  layout of Mainsstrip installation
  • drawings of plants and detail drawings of machine groups
  • detailed description of plant with motorlists and electrical description
  • specification of Mainsstrip plant
  • overall specification of mini steel mill for Mainstrip plant
  • publications
  • valuable international network
  • projects in various continents
  • software and model to calculate costs and ROI of Mainstrip, taking in account local costs of media, power material and labor