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Main AG has started a new offensive on Mainstrip on all continents to find partners / investors / customers for the Mainstrip technology.


  1. Proccessmodel for Mainstrip-Twin Roll Casting for cost evaluation with ETH Swiss Institute of Technology Zürich
  2. KTI / CTI  project 1: Water modeling with own built twin roll caster model, calculation, results Lucerne University of Applied Science and Main
  3. KTI / CTI  project 2: Water modeling at Lucerne University of Applied Science and testing on test caster at RD + T, Teesside GB with Main
  4. SMEA Conference Sheffield Metallurgical- and Engineering Association
    • SEN evaluation for twin roll casting / Prof. Dr. Thomas Stäubli, Antonio Di Miele, Lucerne University of Applied Science
    • SEN adaption for different strip width of twin roll casting / Hans Gloor, Marcel Godat, Benno Steiner
  5. Mainstrip twin roll casting production plant / Alan Schols, RD + T, Teesside UK, Prof. T. Stäubli Lucerne University of Applied Science, M. Godat, B. Steiner
  6. Operating window of twin roll casting and resulting design of the Mainstrip casting concept / H. Marti, President of Main AG, presentation at the Mc Gill University, Montreal, Canada
  7. Thermo Electric Generator, TEG modul / H. Marti


Mainpower is a new approach to transform heat directly into electric power.

In heat loaded processes as in foundries or steelworks installations and products are cooled down with water circuits. These installations are mainly furnaces, casting installations, rolling mills and products during solidifications and cooling down. With an integral TEG-modul, the heat energy is transformed directly into electrical energy. The TEG-moduls are loaded on the hot side directliy with hot water, gas or through radiation. Existing TEG-moduls are used in serial and parallel order to generate electrical power.